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Public Utility Commission of Ohio’s Thomas Pearce on “Cybersecurity and Regulators”

As we all know, debate remains ongoing in our nation’s capital,, and increasingly in state capitals around the country regarding cybersecurity.  Leading the charge is  the recent Executive Order along with its companion Presidential Policy Directive. Despite relative inaction in getting federal legislation signed into law, I can tell you that there is on-going and […]

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Cyber Threats and Security Solutions Congressional Hearing

On Tuesday, May 21, 2013 the Committee on EnergySec and Commerce held a hearing focused on cyber threats and security solutions in critical infrastructure. Much of the discussion was focused on the electric grid. For those who may have missed the hearing, here is the video and a link to the background notice. Background notice:

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How to Hack a Nations Infrastructure | BBC News

Its a small, busy place and is doing a good trade in tea, coffee and cakes. That woman has dropped some money. A child is running around. Later, another customer thinks they have got the wrong change. Nothing too gripping, you might think, except that the feed should be private, seen only by the cafes […]

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Power companies present cybersecurity gaps | USA Today

The U.S. militarys top cybercommander said some of the nations utility companies have lagged in investing in network security, raising concerns about the vulnerability of the nations critical infrastructure. “The power industry has a wide scale, from companies that are very good to companies that need a lot of work and a lot of help,” […]

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“Lazy” humans playing into critical infrastructure hackers’ hands | CSO

Critical infrastructure operators remain vulnerable to attack from hackers whose motivations have matured from the “pretty juvenile” wanton vandalism of the 1990s to the aggressive, targeted and financially-motivated cyber war being waged online today, a one-time senior security advisor to the US president has warned. Noting the popularity of early website defacement and DDoS attacks […]

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Can Congress Protect the Nation’s Critical Infrastructure? | PCWorld

The nation’s critical infrastructure is at risk – a well-executed cyber attack could have a potentially devastating effect. Congress is trying to patch some of the holes with legislation, but a recent survey found that most security experts have little faith that government regulation can do the trick. Sensational attacks against the critical infrastructure make […]

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