We have collected a number of publications from both within the electric sector, and across the broader information security community to assist in the development and management of your security program.

If you have found any additional online resources that have helped guide your own program, please take a moment to share with the community. Just send us a note at , and we’ll add them here.

NESCO Whitepapers

PKI Security Considerations for AMI, Smart Grid and ICS Networks

Security Logging in the Utility Sector: Roadmap to Improved Maturity

DNS as a Covert Channel Within Protected Networks

External Publications

21 Steps to Improve Cyber Security of SCADA Networks

A Framework for Assessing and Improving the Security Posture of Industrial Control Systems (ICS)

Cyber Security Procurement Language for Control Systems (GAO)

TECHNOLOGY ASSESSMENT - Cybersecurity for Critical Infrastructure Protection (GAO)