Why join NESCO?

Being a member of NESCO goes far beyond a defined benefits package. NESCO is working to find non-regulatory solutions to the cybersecurity challenges we all face. Congress set aside funds to help the industry create a non-governmental organization that could guide policy and solutions on behalf of the electric sector. They heard the industry say “we don’t want more regulation, we want to do this ourselves.” They even provided seed money to help us get started.

It is now up to us as a community of utilities, researchers, academics, and vendors to come together and work toward holistic solutions. Being part of NESCO demonstrates to congress, state and federal government and the rest of the industry that you are engaged and actively support non-regulatory efforts to improve the cybersecurity of the grid. It provides us the financial means to be self-sustained so we can build out efforts like the Tactical Analysis Center,  rapid notification services, IP watch services and on-going cybersecurity awareness specific to our sector.

We encourage you to support this grassroots cybersecurity information sharing organization to help it reach its full potential.

Reasons to join:

  • Focal point to bring together domestic and international electric sector cybersecurity expertise from the utility asset owners, product and service vendors, academic and research institutions and government agencies
  • Associate with people who have vision, purpose and desire to share knowledge, capabilities and enhance the security of the power grid
  • Gain valuable lessons learned from people who have industry-specific cybersecurity problem-solving experience
  • Have access to unparalleled electric sector information resources including cyber security best practices
  • Opportunity to be part of the industry’s leading voice for cyber security in the electric sector
  • Learn with webinars and regional events that focus on the hottest topics and provide the latest developments in cyber security
  • Obtain independent, unbiased insight and analysis into the legislative and regulatory issues impacting cyber security in all-electric sector demographics
  • Share experience with peers and drive strategic direction for the industry through the CISO Forum (utility asset owner only)

Membership Benefits

  • Early notification to NESCO events (e.g. Town Halls, Voice of the Industry)
  • Receive semi-annual NESCO Town Hall electronic magazine containing summaries of the issues discussed at the Town Hall and Voice of the Industry meetings along with special guest articles related to the topics in each issue
  • Special member pricing on NESCO and EnergySec events, products and services
  • Use of the NESCO Utility/Commercial/Associate Member Logo
  • Commercial members also receive substantial advertising and sponsorship discounts for NESCO events and publications
  • Membership is organization-wide with no restrictions on the number of participants from each member organization and member classification
  • Priority access and direct relationship to the NESCO staff and peer members to enhance crowdsourcing of security situational awareness, benchmarking and best practices
  • Utility asset owners have the opportunity to participate in the CISO Forum

Membership Classifications

Utility Member — Any entity directly engaged in the development, sale, generation, transmission or distribution of energy within the electric sector. Such as: utilities, generators, independent power producers, power marketers, distribution companies, municipalities, and cooperatives.

Commercial Member — Any entity considered to be a vendor, integrator, consultant or provider of products and services related to energy generation, transmission, distribution, or security for the electric sector.

Associate Member — Any trade associations, industry forums, academic institutions and other nonprofit entities generally interested in the security and protection of the nation’s critical energy infrastructure. This classification also includes state, local and federal government organizations and/or agencies.  This is also available for individuals who would like to be members of the NESCO program.


Our membership year runs January to January each year.  If you join outside these times membership, you will be pro-rated on a calendar quarterly basis.

Membership Dues:

Each membership classification has a specific dues structure. See the tables below for all respective fees.

Utility Member

Annual Revenue Membership Dues
Revenue $195
$25M - $250M $495
$250M - $1B $1295
> $1B $3795
CISO Forum $5000 (in addition to membership)

* For more information about the CISO Forum, please contact us directly at

Commercial Member

Annual Revenue Membership Dues
Revenue $1195
$25M - $250M $4995
$250M - $1B $9995
> $1B $19995
CISO Forum N/A (not available to commercial members)

Associate Member

Annual Revenue Membership Dues
N/A $195